Truancy FAQ

Must all failure-to-attend-school cases that are supposed to be expunged be expunged on September 1st?  Can there be any expunctions before September 1st?  Can there be any expunctions after September 1st?

The cases should not be expunged prior to September 1.  This is because the law calling for the expunctions does not go into effect until September 1.  Section 45.0541 calls on courts to expunge all convictions and all dismissed failure-to-attend-school cases.  This requirement becomes effective on September 1st, along with the rest of the bill.  Does a court need to order all of these expunctions on September 1st?  Well, the bill doesn’t exactly say that, but the intent is that orders of expunction be entered in these cases promptly.   The closer to September 1st that the orders of expunction can be entered, the better.  (Ted Wood, Office of Court Administration)