Warrant Round-up

The Great Texas Warrant Roundup is a statewide effort to actively serve outstanding arrest warrants. The 2014 Great Texas Warrant Roundup included more than 300 jurisdictions. This is believed to be the largest such effort nationwide. Figures from 2014 showed continuing success with 131,529 warrants cleared and over $20,155,892 gross collected.

Special thanks to Rebecca Stark and Don McKinley of the Austin Municipal Court for compiling these figures.

Anyone interested in participating in the 2015 Great Texas Warrant Round Up should contact one of the following people: Rebecca Stark at rebecca.stark@austintexas.gov or Kim Chadwick at kimberly.chadwick@austintexas.gov.

Contact the Austin Municipal Court at roundup@austintexas.gov for considerations, a timeline, a list of last year’s participants, and samples of mailers, posters, media notices, door hang tags, cable television ads, etc.