Municipal Courts Week

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November 6-10, 2017
November 5-9, 2018

 As recognized by by 85(R) H.R. 798 & 799


NEW MUNICIPAL COURT WEEK LOGOS! Municipal courts may utilize these logos in any way in conjunction with Municipal Court Week.


To celebrate Municipal Courts Week, TMCEC, in collaboration with stakeholders across the state, has prepared a model resolution which allows city councils to publicly demonstrate their recognition of the importance of municipal courts, the rule of law, and the fair and impartial administration of justice.

In light of increased media focus on indigence issues, TMCEC believes now is the time for cities across the Lone Star State to reflect and rededicate themselves to the fundamental ideals which make up the proper foundation of local courts in Texas.

The resolution recognizes the important work of municipal courts and the people who work in the courts. It embraces the principle of judicial independence. It succinctly states the proper relationship between city council and the municipal court. It makes clear that in Texas, the procedures of municipal court operation are determined by state law, not the city council. Lastly, it is an opportunity for the city council to demonstrate their recognition of procedural safeguards for all defendants, including indigent defendants, and to show support of the municipal court in independently applying all laws in a way that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.

TMCEC encourages all cities to adopt the attached model resolution in recognition of Municipal Courts Week. All cities that adopt the resolution and notify TMCEC of its adoption will be recognized by TMCEC in a future edition of The Recorder and the names of all cities adopting the model resolution will be shared with the Office of Court Administration.

If your city adopts the resolution, let us know by e-mail to



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Join municipal courts, city councils, and communities throughout Texas in showing appreciation for the dedicated municipal judges, court clerks, court administrators, prosecutors, bailiffs, and warrant officers who comprise the Texas municipal courts from November 6-10, 2017.  Municipal Court Week is a great time to not only recognize how much municipal courts do, but to share with the public the important role that local courts and their personnel play in the criminal justice system and the larger community.

Possible activities:

  • Set up an anti-impaired driving exhibit at the courthouse
  • Ask your city council to issue a local proclamation (click here for a sample)
  • Ask your city council to pass a local resolution (see TMCEC model resolution above)
  • Host a tour of your court for the city council and the public.  While they are there, ask the presiding judge to make a presentation or show the TMCEC video Role of the Municipal Court
  • Hold a mock trial with a local high school government class acting as the key players
  • Show the court staff what a great job they are doing by treating them to a staff appreciation lunch or have a brown-bag lunch hour together
  • Host a Q&A column in the newspaper all week to explain how your municipal court works
  • Set up an exhibit of traffic safety materials in your court, the city hall, or a community event

Remember to start planning early and have fun!
We want to hear all about your celebration so please send copies of your activities, calendar, and/or news clippings to Ned Minevitz ( so that we can share them with other courts and post them on this website!

To order FREE traffic safety and impaired driving prevention materials to hand out during Municipal Courts Week, please contact Ned Minevitz ( or 512-320-8274) or visit the Resources Page.

Maximize Community Participation! Click here for a press release template to promote Municipal Courts Week!


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