Juvenile Case Manager Listserv

List Serv for Texas Juvenile Case Managers

A list serv for juvenile case managers (JCMs) has been set up in Google Groups [jcma-of-texas@googlegroups.com] by members of the Juvenile Case Managers Association of Texas.  This list serv and association are designed to support JCMs working in Texas municipal courts. To join the group, email Carlin Caliman [Carlin.Caliman@arlingtontx.gov] with your name, title, and city.  You may also contact Carlin Caliman for more information about the Association.


What is a Listserv?

Listservs work like a mailing list of people who are interested in the same topics. One person can correspond with many people at once. Every message posted to the list is sent to all of the list subscribers by electronic mail received automatically.