…[A] complaint is a sworn allegation charging the accused with the commission of an offense. 
-Article 45.018(a), Code of Criminal Procedure
Article 45.019 of the Code of Criminal Procedure lays out the requirements for a complaint. But for those who have tried, drafting a complaint is a fine art and a sometimes daunting task.  The TMCEC Forms Book has always included sample complaints for a variety of state law offenses.  However, we are aware that every day courts need complaints for the over one thousand fine-only misdemeanors under state law and limitless city ordinance violations.   

The Complaint Bank is a portal for prosecutors and courts to submit their complaints for use by those cities in need.  Existing sample complaints from the TMCEC Forms Book are now available online here rather than in the printed Forms Book, and consist of a series of Microsoft Word documents with suggested language for selected fine-only state law violations. 

We invite prosecutors and courts to submit model complaints for common charges, uncommon charges, city ordinance violations, or just for those offenses that are so complex you hate for someone else to have to recreate the wheel. Please keep in mind that the TMCEC website is public, so any complaints submitted should be model complaints and not specific to any one case.  The submitted complaints can then be downloaded as Microsoft Word documents by other prosecutors and courts, and can be edited carefully so as to include the information required for specific case(s).

Submissions to the Complaint Bank are welcome, and should be directed to 


Non-Traffic: Assault: Contact
  Assault: Contact - Family Violence
  Assault: Threat
  Assault: Threat - Family Violence
  Criminal Mischief
  Disorderly Conduct: Abusive Language
  Disorderly Conduct: Indecent Exposure
  Disorderly Conduct: Unreasonable Noise - Private Residence
  Disorderly Conduct: Unreasonable Noise - Public Place
  Minor Driving or Operating Watercraft Under the Influence of Alcohol
  Minor in Possession of Alcohol
  Minor in Possession of Cigarette, E-Cigarette, or Tobacco
  Possession of Open Container of Alcohol
  Public Intoxication
  Theft of Property
  Theft of Service by Not Paying
  Failure to Attend School
Traffic: Child in Open Bed of Truck
  Disobeying Warning Sign
  Failure to Display Motor Vehicle Inspection Sticker
  Failure to Obey Crossing Guard
  Following Too Closely (At Unsafe Distance)
  No Headlights
  No Tail Lights
  No Valid Driver's License
  Driving While License Invalid (First Offense)
  Permit Unauthorized Person to Drive
  Passing a School Bus
  Failure to Stop at a Red Light
  Right Turn (Wrong Lane)
  Seatbelt Violation: 15+ Years of Age
  Seatbelt Violation: Child Under Age 17
  Child Passenger Safety Seat System Violation
  "U" Turn - Turning on Curve or Crest of Grade
  Use of Sidewalk
  Wrong Way on One-Way Street
Other: Failure to Appear
  Violation of Promise to Appear
  Violation of Continuing Obligation to Appear
  Violation of Continuing Obligation to Inform Court of Child's Address