New FY18 Registration Fees

At the July 2016 TMCEC Board Meeting, the Board voted to raise registration fees by $50 for prosecutors in FY17 and for all in FY18. Courts were notified of this increase in the January-February issue of The Recorder. We regret the increase which is primarily due to the higher cost of hotels, travel, and freight.*

FY18 Registration Fees:

Judges Regional - $100
Clerks Regional - $100
JCM Conference - $150
Court Administrators - $150
Bailiff/Warrant Officer - $150
New Judges/New Clerks - $250 (no single room fee at this time, but subject to change)
Level III Assessment Clinic - $150
Traffic Safety Conference - $100

Prosecutors remain as listed in FY17

Single room fees stay at $50 a night


FY17 & FY18 Prosecutors’ Fees:

Not seeking CLE/no room - $150
Not seeking CLE/with room - $300
Seeking CLE/no room - $250
Seeking CLE/with room - $400
Non-Municipal prosecutor seeking CLE/with room - $450
Non-Municipal prosecutor not seeking CLE/with room - $350


* Subject to change depending on grant funding.