Since 1984, The Texas Municipal Courts Education Center has provided quality continuing judicial education to municipal judges, court support personnel, and city prosecutors.  In this time, TMCEC has presented over 50,000 certificates of completion to participants.  This service would not have been possible without our exceptional faculty, who not only provide excellent information to those attending the classes, but also give their time and talents to this worthy cause.

TMCEC Program Staff

Ryan Kellus Turner, General Counsel & Director of Education

  • Prosecutors Seminars
  • Juvenile Case Managers
  • Legislative Update 

Mark Goodner, Deputy Counsel and Director of Judicial Education

  • Regional Judges Seminars
  • New Judges Seminars

Robby Chapman, Director of Clerk Education and Program Attorney

  • Regional Clerks Seminars
  • New Clerks Seminars
  • Court Administrators Seminar
  • Bailiff/Warrant Officers Conference

Regan Metteauer, Program Attorney

  • Webinars
  • Municipal Traffic Safety Initiatives Conference
  • Bailiff/Warrant Officers Conference

Tracie Glaeser, Program Coordinator

  • Level III Assessment Clinic

Pat Ek, Registration Coordinator

  • Hotel Accommodations

Patty Thamez, Program Coordinator & Network Administrator

  • Course Materials

Demoine Jones, Multimedia Specialist & Educational Technologist

  • Multimedia
  • Audio Visual
  • Educational Technologies
  • Webinars


TMCEC Reimbursement Form: Please submit your reimbursement request within 60 days of your scheduled teaching assignment.  Contact Deadra Stark, with reimbursement questions.

Faculty Acknowledgment and Release Form



Please note the change in our reimbursement form.  All mileage must now be calculated through Google Maps, http://maps.google.com, or Mapquest, http://mapquest.com. We also require a printed copy (from either site) of the mileage to be attached to your reimbursement form.  Please remember due to our grant funded policies we require original signatures to process your request and all reimbursements must be submitted within 60 days post seminar.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, if you have any questions feel free to contact TMCEC at 512.320.8274 or tmcec@tmcec.com.


TMCEC Faculty Scholarships for FY 2015: Scholarships of up to $2,500 will be awarded to approximately five individuals to attend out-of-state court-related education programs within the United States.

Attorney Teaching Credit

If you are an attorney teaching at a TMCEC judge school approved for MCLE credit, you may qualify for MCLE teaching credit to be entered on your Credit Input Form.  Click here to contact the State Bar of Texas for more information.