Licensed Court Interpreters Exam

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Written and Oral Exam Information:

Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC)

Exam information, dates, fees, forms, and exercises

TMCEC Online Learning Center (OLC)

Flashcards with terms to help you study for the written exam are located within the Online Learning Modules

TMCEC Court Interpreters Prep Group Listserv

Email Hope Lochridge at and provide your name, court, position. and notification that you wish to be added to the listserv.

National Center for State Courts (NCSC)

Exam resources

Self-assessment study tools

Practice Examination Kit

Standard Reference Materials

Legal Glossaries and Dictionaries:

English Glossary

Spanish Glossary

Legal Glossary

Bilingual Legal Dictionaries

Online bilingual and multilingual dictionaries


InTrans Book Service for professional interpreters and translators

Articles by Holly Mikkelson

ACEBO-recommended resources

Court Interpreter's Blog


New! iconTMCEC is printing a daily tear-off calendar, each page consisting of a municipal court-related term in English, its definition, and the Spanish translation. The terms, definitions, and translations were taken from the TMCEC Legal Glossary. If you have joined the Court Interpreters Prep Listserv, the pdf is located in the Files area of the group. If you would like to have a printed calendar mailed to you, please send your name and address to Regan Metteauer at, Subject: Court Interpreters Study Calendar.