Impaired Driving Legislation

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Impaired Driving-Related Bills Before The 85th Legislature

HB 1: Toxicology lab funding as part of the appropriations bill

HB 67/275 & SB 90: Repeal the Driver's Responsibility Program

HB 90: Expand category of persons required to pay court costs on conviction imposed to support drug court programs

HB 117: Ethyl alcohol monitoring as condition of community supervision; authorizing the imposition of costs

HB 140: Punishment enhancements for intoxication offenses

HB 459: Driver's license suspension for not paying surcharges

HB 684: Relating to the required notice of a surcharge assessed under the driver responsibility program

HB 1016: Relating to the deferral and reduction or waiver of certain surcharges assessed under the driver responsibility program

SB 266: Relating to the driver responsibility program

How to Research Bills Online

The Texas Legislature’s website ( is a great place to go to research Texas bills and existing laws. On the homepage, find the headers “Search Legislation” and “Additional Searches.” From here, you can explore all the bills and laws in Texas using key words or bill numbers.

When researching bills, once you find the main page for the bill you want to research, you will see nine tabs at the top of the page. Each tab provides useful information about the bill:

• “History” – Basic information about the bill

• “Text” – The text of the bill, plus notes, analyses, and other documents related to the bill

• “Actions” – Any actions that the legislature has taken on the bill, such as “considered in public hearing”

• “Companions” – Matching bills that have been filed concurrently

• “Amendments” – Any changes that have been made to the bill

• “Authors” – The creator or creators of the bill

• “Sponsors” – Those people that support the bill

• “Captions” – A short summary of what the bill is about

• “Bill Stages” – A summary of what stages in the legislative process the bill has passed and where it currently stands


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