Project Update

2017 Update


Why is there Driving on the Right Side of the Road?

Motor vehicle collisions are the number one cause of unintentional death among children ages 1 to 19 years.  Based on reported crashes in Texas in 2016 there was 1 person killed every 2 hours and 20 minutes, 1 person injured every 1 minute and 59 seconds, and 1 crash reported every 57 seconds (TxDOT 2016).  Nationwide, although deaths of children younger than 13 in motor vehicles crashes have declined since 1975, crashes still cause 1 of every 4 unintentional deaths (IIHS 2015).  In fact, 71% of child motor vehicle crash deaths in 2015 were passenger vehicle occupants.  Teenagers accounted for 76% of motor vehicle crash fatalities nationwide and die at more than 7 times the rate of children under 14 (Safe Kids Worldwide 2017).  The issues that need to be addressed to reduce these deadly statistics include education in the following areas: motor vehicle occupant restraint, bicycle and pedestrian safety, motorcycle safety, railway crossing safety, bus safety, speeding, and impaired and distracted driving. 

DRSR's mission is to reduce the numbers of these needless tragedies through education.  This education takes place through schools and student traffic safety education, through the courts and community outreach, and through community groups and their ability to access students outside the normal school day.  DRSR provides free traffic safety education materials to these groups, and guidance on how best to use these resources.

Together, we can save lives!


FY 2017 Highlights and Accomplishments

 We continue to be grateful for the financial resources offered by TxDOT that allow us to serve the teachers, judges, and clerks of Texas.  Using the tools offered us, we have: 

  • Started a new teacher workshop called the Teacher Traffic Safety Academy.  This first year DRSR welcomed 19 teachers to the Texas Law Center to spend 3 days of intensive traffic safety education.  
  • DRSR exhibited traffic safety educational materials 54 times this fiscal year.
  • DRSR trained 1263 lawyers, municipal judges, and court personnel on traffic safety outreach and DRSR resources.  
  • DRSR trained 4410 municipal judges and court personnel at TMCEC conferences and webinars on traffic safety issues. 
  • In FY17, DRSR shipped a total of 1304 orders of traffic safety educational materials to courts, schools, TxDOT offices, and community groups all over the State of Texas. DRSR would like to thank the TxDOT Print Shop for providing these materials in a timely and professional manner.
  • DRSR trained 1,707 teachers on the traffic safety resources of DRSR curriculum and children’s literature.  Many of these educators were pre-service teachers who are just entering the workforce as new educators.
  • A special printing of 15,000 Don’t Monkey Around in Your Neighborhood books and 15,000 copies of the U.S. Pocket Constitutions were delivered to the Knights of Pythias.  These books and constitutions were delivered all over east Texas.  

Driving on the Right Side of the Road would like to thank the Texas Department of Transportation for its generosity. 



Kids In Court... Children visit the Pasadena Municipal Court with Judge Lester Rorick to learn more about municipal courts.


TMCEC wishes to express its appreciation to Terry Pence, Traffic Safety Director, Traffic Operations Division, and Lydia Bryan-Valdez, Program Manager, at the Texas Department of Transportation for their valuable assistance in procuring funding and helping to implement the DRSR programs.



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