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2015 Update


Why is there Driving on the Right Side of the Road?

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Texas, when compared to other U.S. states, holds the unenviable distinction as having the highest total number of traffic deaths on its roadways (NHTSA). In 2012, a staggering 3,398 people perished on Texas roads (NHTSA). Sadly, children and young drivers account for many of these fatalities.  In order to help stem the tide of lives cut short, DRSR and TMCEC provides the teachers of Texas with teaching materials and resources to inform youth of all ages how safe or unsafe traffic decisions can impact their lives.  These resources correlate with the Texas TEKS, which are the state mandated skills that all teachers must teach their students. DRSR also collaborates with municipal courts across Texas to reach out to youth and their families. Together with Texas Law Related Education and Law Focused Inc., Driving on the Right Side of the Road has developed traffic safety lessons for use in the classroom to help teach students of all ages the rules of safety on the road.


FY 2015 Highlights and Accomplishments


We continue to be grateful for the financial resources offered by TxDOT that allow us to serve the teachers, judges, and clerks of Texas.  Using the tools offered us, we have: exhibited at over 44 different venues, including at state conferences; provided kits of DRSR materials to over 46 different community groups, such as the DAR and the Alton Lions Club; we have trained 800 court personal as educational resources on traffic safety issues; we have updated 6 of our curriculum to current educational standards; 669 municipal judges and court personnel have attended TMCEC conferences through webinars on traffic safety issues; we have written 14.75 pages for judges and court personnel on the DRSR program and traffic safety issues; we have provided training to 1314 teachers and educators on DRSR curriculum and resources; and we have produced several traffic safety books- Don't Monkey Around with Safety in Your Neighborhood is the book that was produced this year, both in English and in Spanish.

We would like to thank TxDOT for its generosity.


Past Years Highlights & Accomplishments

  • TMCEC again offered a series of teacher workshops in conjunction with the education service centers and the Law-Related Education Department of the State Bar of Texas. 
  • In FY 13, more than 300 teachers and educators were trained on DRSR materials. 
  • New materials developed in FY 13 included a legislative brochure for the 83rd Legislature with information about bills of interest to students and teachers and a K-3 lesson packet that includes Spanish handouts with matching playing cards in Spanish.  
  • A set of skill building activities, called Do Nows, were printed for 5th grade students. 
  • A new partnership was established with family and consumer science teachers. 
  • 6 children's books were written in both English and Spanish and published.
  • A high school mock trial on texting while driving (State v. Young) was printed.  
  • A PSA contest was conducted, and six outstanding winners were chosen from the dozens of entries. 
  • A free webpage with traffic safety videos and PSAs was established.
  • Driving on the Right Side of the Road was developed to infuse the study of traffic safety issues into grades K-12 social studies, language arts, and even math curriculums using the strategies of law-related education, including the use of judges and court support personnel as resource persons in classrooms.
  • Driving on the Right Side of the Road summer workshops have been offered since 2008. Over 40 trainers across the state of Texas have been trained on the Driving on the Right Side of the Road program and materials, through the train-the-trainers that were held in FY 08, FY 09, FY 10, FY 11, FY 12, FY 13, FY 14, and FY 15. 
  • These trainers are involved in offering over 110 Driving on the Right Side of the Road trainings across Texas in FY 08, FY 09, FY 10, FY 11, FY 12, FY 13, FY 14, and FY 15, with over 1,750 people having been trained on the DRSR materials. It is anticipated that every year the trained teachers positively impact 66,000 Texas children and youth through the DRSR traffic safety program. This number will continue to grow each year as additional teachers are trained.
  • All of the FY 08 through FY 15 performance measures were met or exceeded.
  • Sets of lessons in conjunction with hands-on activities, computer-based learning, and gifted and talented extensions were developed. These learning strategies allow for maximum benefit and retention. All of these materials and resources have been placed on the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center’s website for free access. 

Kids In Court... Children visit the Pasadena Municipal Court with Judge Lester Rorick to learn more about municipal courts.


TMCEC wishes to express its appreciation to Terry Pence, Traffic Safety Director, Traffic Operations Division, and Lydia Bryan-Valdez, Program Manager, at the Texas Department of Transportation for their valuable assistance in procuring funding and helping to implement the DRSR programs.



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