2009 Legislative Update

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- 2009 Legislative Bill Summaries (by category)
- 2009 Legislative Bill Summaries (in Numerical Order)
- Full Bill Text (in Numerical Order)
- Updated Accompanying Charts

Day 1

Substantive Criminal Law
Robin D. Smith, Presiding Judge, City of Midland
Court Costs and Administrative Issues
Cathy Riedel, Program Director, TMCEC
Magistrate Duties and Domestic Violence Legislation
Lester Rorick, Presiding Judge, City of Pasadena
Juveniles and Minors
Mark Goodner, Program Attorney & Deputy Counsel, TMCEC
Traffic Safety and Transportation Code Amendments
Katie Tefft, Program Attorney, TMCEC
Ordinance and Local Government Issues
Ross Fischer, City Attorney, City of Seguin
Procedural Law
Ryan Kellus Turner, General Counsel & Director of Education, TMCEC

Download a sample Order of Nondisclosure per SB 1056. Read the DPS instructions on how to submit these orders.

Read a press release from DPS on HB 339. The law now restricts all drivers under the age of 18 (who are issued a driver license after September 1, 2009) from using a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle, except in an emergency.