Testing for each level requires the participant to successfully pass three (3) parts of the exam.  Exam sites are hosted at a variety of locations through out the academic year by TMCEC, TCCA and TMCA.  Payment must be submitted with your registration.  

Exam Registrations may not be completed online.  Please complete a paper registration form and submit to TMCEC by email at certification@tmcec.com or by fax at (512) 435-6118.  


You will find upcoming testing locations on the registration form which is revised regularly.  

Click here for 2017-2018 TEST REGISTRATION FORM  and exam dates.

To register for the exam, complete this registration form with payment and mail, email or fax to TMCEC.


TCCA or TMCA members in good standing receive a discounted exam fee of $75.00.  

The exam fee for Non-members is $150. Level II and III exams are available for testing in parts, for a fee of $25 per part for members and $50 per part for non- members. 


TMCEC is acutely aware at our participants excitement in receiving results, therefore we make every effort to complete the grading process as quickly as possible but within 45 days.  After your test(s) has been graded, TMCEC staff will enter your results into your personal profile.  You can find in under the certification tab.  A participant must receive a 70% or higher on each part of the exam. Raw scores are not available, only a pass/fail result is recorded.  The best way to follow your exam results is by logging into your profile each day. The final result will be displayed as either "Passed" or "UNS - Unsuccessful".  In the event the participant is not successful on an exam, indicators are noted for areas needing further study in the profile that read "Study Part B/C".    


You are required to provide your ID at the testing site.  Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in. It is strongly recommended that you bring several #2 pencils and your receipt for payment of the exam registration.  You will not be allowed to store personal belongings at your testing table, although an area will be provided for you to store your belongings within the same room. Studying during the exam period is not permitted. Your test proctor will go over the rules of the testing center before your begin.  All efforts are made by the test proctor to limit noise within the testing room, but if you are sensitive to noise, it is highly suggested that you bring earplugs.  

Level I

This test must be taken and passed with a score of 70 or above.  It may NOT be take in individual parts.  Exam questions for Level I are comprised from the Level I Study Guide, which can be downloaded for free and are located under "Resources" at the top of the home page.  The exam is presented in a multiple-choice and true-false format.  

The parts of Level 1 exam are broken into the following topics:

Exam Part A

  • An Overview of the Courts
  • Role of the Clerk
  • Court Ethics

Exam Part B

  • Charging and PreTrial
  • Trial Processes and Procedures
  • Post-Trial Processes

Exam Part C

  • State and City Reports
  • Traffic Law
  • Communications and Stress Management

Level II

This test must be taken and passed with a score of 70 or above on each individual part.  Any part can be taken individually.  Exam questions for Level II are comprised from the Level II Study Guide, which can be located under "Resources" at the top of the home page.  The exam is presented in a multiple-choice and true-false format.  

The parts of Level 2 are broken into the following topics:

Exam Part A

  • Equal Justice Under the Law
  • Overview of Processing Cases
  • Legal Research

Exam Part B

  • Code of Criminal Procedure & Penal Code
  • Bond Forfeitures
  • Court Technology

Exam Part C

  • Children & Minors
  • Financial Management
  • Records & Caseflow Management

Leve lII - Certified Municipal Court Clerk - CMCC

Level 3 is the final level of certification.  This level of certification requires the participant to read and study independently 16 BOOKS that cover topics which have been selected to enhance a participants management and administration skill set.  It is a professional level education program intended to build and broaden the skill set of a Municipal Court Clerk.  

You may purchase the required program books at your own expense or participate in the TMCEC Book Loan program.  Click this link to review the rules and forms required to obtain a LOANER SET OF BOOKS. 

TMCEC has provided a general list of sample STUDY QUESTIONS to be used during preparation for your Level 3 testing.  

This test is also in 3 parts.  You may register and pay for each exam part individually.  Each part must be passed with a score of 70 or above.  

The following topics are emphasized during this final portion of certification:

  • Leadership
  • Supervision
  • Hiring and Firing
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Diversity
  • Planning
  • Office Management
  • Caseflow Management
  • Financial Management
  • Court Security

Exam Expiration & Filing Deadlines

  • Level 1 & Level 2 exams expire 3 years after the testing date
  • Applications for Level 1 & Level 2 must be filed before the 3rd year


  •  Level 3 exams expire 5 years after the testing date
  • Application for Level 3 must be filed before the 5th year