Level III - Certified Municipal Court Clerk (CMCC)

Level III is the final level of certification.  This level of certification requires the participant to read and study independently a list of 16 BOOKS   (click here for a list of Audio & E-Booksthat cover topics which have been selected to enhance a participants management and administration skill set. It is a professional level education program intended to build and broaden the skill set of a Municipal Court Clerk.  

You may purchase the required program books at your own expense or participate in the TMCEC Book Loan program.  Click this link to review the rules and forms required to obtain a LOANER SET OF BOOKS. 

You can locate a favorites list for most of the books using the following link:  https://www.amazon.com/ideas/amzn1.account.AGWMTTWCUCNUQEJX7KLCOQ53F5BA/26QZRJXM2A5Y9


TMCEC has provided a general list of sample STUDY QUESTIONS to be used during preparation for your Level 3 testing.  

This test is also in 3 parts.  You may register and pay for each exam part individually.  Each part must be passed with a score of 70 or above.  

The following topics are emphasized during this final portion of certification:

Leadership Strategic Planning Diversity
Supervision Office Management Court Security
Hiring and Firing Caseflow Management Financial Management
Performance Appraisal Court Budgeting Organization



Requirements for becoming a Level III Certified Municipal Court Clerk (CMCC)

Perfected certification applications must be filed with the TMCEC Program Coordinator within 5 years and must include the following:  
  1. proof of a successfully passing each part (Parts A, B, & C) of the Level III exams.   
  2. certificates of completion for a total of 28 approved education hours; 
  3. certificate of completion for the TMCEC 12-hour court administrator program that is less than 3 years old;
  4. proof of Level II Certification in good standing;
  5. certificate of completion for the TMCEC 24 hour Assessment Clinic (has no expiration date); and
  6. letter of successful completion of the LEVEL III JOURNAL process
With the exception of the Level III Assessment Clinic which has no expiration, continuing education hours expire on the 3rd anniversary of the certificate date.  Approved education can be reused when applying for Level II & III if the hours have not yet expired at the time of application.  

Assessment Clinic: Participants must successfully complete a 24-hour assessment clinic. The assessment clinic emphasizes role-plays and simulations on work place problems, employee appraisals, conflict resolution skills, dealing with diversity, preparing a cost benefit analysis, developing a change project for your court, and working in teams.